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Site Links Rules

This is our Site Links RULES page.
It’s about the relevant rules all who will submit a Site Link to our Sites Links page need to know.

Our Site Partners Link Submission Rules
Payment to be made for a Partner Link is for a one-time cost payment – no additional payment will be required.
Once a link is listed it will remain active as long as the person Site content and link remain in agreement with our TOS and Rules.
Each Site submitted agreed cost must be paid for first (via PayPal or Payza) before approval and listing.
Each Website Owner as a Partner must make sure his/her Site link and content are not contrary or against our TERMS of Service (TOS).
Each Site Link submitted details must have a Site Title, Brief Details (no more than 10 words) and a functional link (not a broken link).
Each Site Link Partner is required to Contact us by using this Site Contact page details to inform us of the Payment for Link Listing Service and the details for each Site paid for.
End of Site Partners Link Submissions Rules
(We reserve the right to add or modify the Rules at anytime as deemed relevant)

Links submitted Refund Policy
We will refund to the same person from whom the payment was received and by the same method (i.e. PayPal or Payza).
The amount to be refunded will be reduced by any cost charged by PayPal or Payza for the refund.
Each person must make sure his/her website and link comply with our TOS before payment to avoid due deduction from a refund.
Refund will be made 3-7 days after the payment is received. Refund will be made to the person who paid for the link that is not acceptable at our Site.
The person will be given the chance to change his/her link to meet our TOS and Listing Rules before listing at our Site.
Once a Partner Link is listed at our Site, we will not change the information.
If we discover on our monthly, for example, “spot check” that a Site link or content has changed to that which is contrary to our TOS and Rules, it will be removed and NO refund made.
End of Links submitted Refund Policy.
(We reserve the right to add or modify the Refund Policy Rules at anytime as deemed relevant)

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