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This is what stood out in my mind 1 5/5 (2)

This is what stood out in my mind: The Apostle Paul calling and Salvation was not just for him but for all the Gentiles like us. Whatever is opposing the will of God in your life has to die and go.

Paul’s Salvation and work in the Ministry to produce Christ-like Disciples so Gentiles like ourselves today can be saved from hearing, believing and accepting the Jesus Gospel of Salvation. His conversion was far more about the Ministry/Gosple of Christ than just about him being saved and healed from blindness.

It was Rev Pursell who recently taught a very good ARC Men’s Meeting Lesson Saturday Sept 22, 2018 and then preached Sunday 23, 2018 at ARC with the importance of obeying the will of God in our lives – not our will. And that the perfect will of God is best to bring the best divine results of God’s plan for us in our lives. As he said, it’s always about what God said, not what we believe or want to do.

Therefore, we know that what Pastor Edwards preached about that there must be from God “my will and my way” (not our will our way) is true. And whether we know the perfect will of God for our lives or not, to obey is alway better than to sacrifice…the sacrifice of prayers, fasting, praise, worship, testimonies, and so on. God’s way and will are the only way to make it to Heaven. There is no other way. And see 1 Samuel 15:22 KJV.

(From ARC in Philly Sunday Service October 7, 2018)

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