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Change Your Perspective…Choose Joy
By Shannon Trzcinski

My nine-year-old son, Isaiah, loves music. I mean really loves it. We are a very musical family, so he comes by it honestly. He also loves to get on the iPad. One app starts with a song when he turns it on. He loves that song. He will start the app, listen to the song, close it, and open it again – just to listen to that song over and over again.

One day, after listening to that song multiple times, I thought, “Just play the game.” I wasn’t annoyed by it, but I did take notice. Some people, however, would be really annoyed. In a split second, I thought, “Isaiah should be deaf, but he’s not! He hears this music!” You see, Isaiah was a micro preemie, born at twenty-two weeks. We were told as a result of being born so early, he would be deaf. As if that’s not enough, at one point during his hospitalization, he was on a Lasix IV. A side effect of that much Lasix is hearing loss.

So, let’s take another look at Isaiah, with his iPad, playing the same song, over and over and over. Something that could be so annoying, that could drive somebody crazy, now, I think, “Yes! Play that song!” You know why? Because my boy hears! Now, when I hear that song playing, it literally brings a smile to my face, and my heart overflows with thankfulness.

What annoys you? What drives you crazy? A spouse who chews too loudly? A son who walks around dribbling a ball all the time? A coworker drumming his fingers on his desk? Traffic? What if you chose to look at it differently and turned that annoyance into a joy? When you hear your spouse chewing, that’s a reminder he/she is alive and with you. The ball bouncing is a reminder your son is healthy and strong. Your loud coworker shows you have a job. Because you have a car, you have the privilege to drive in that traffic.

When we change how we look at things, change our perspective, that annoyance becomes a source of joy.

Even if we are not typically a positive person, we can choose it. Even if we do not feel it, we can choose it.

The Bible tells us to:

Rejoice in the Lord (Philippians 4:4).
Always be joyful (I Thessalonians 5:16).
Offer sacrifices of joy (Psalm 27:6).

Here’s the amazing thing, when we choose joy, it will change our whole day. When we choose joy, our emotions will follow, and we will begin to feel it. That annoyance, that frustration will become a source of joy, bringing a smile to our face, even when we’ve heard the same song for the hundredth time in one day

Make up your mind today that you will choose joy.

(From: UPCI – Ladies Prayer International Newsletter)

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