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Family Life is still the backbone of the Church. 1 No ratings yet.

I still believe that Family Life is the backbone of the Church today. By this I mean that husbands and wives or members of a family can be the strongest support to help a group of people or individual to be saved and remain saved in Church. However, Spiritually speaking, it’s the Church Family Life that is more important. However, we are saved as individuals (i.e. each of us has to believe in Jesus and obey ACTS 2:38 KJV Scripture to receive Salvation from God). Husbands cannot do that for wives and vice versa. Best friends cannot do that for best friends. Fathers and mothers cannot do that for their children, and so on. Each person must come to God individually to receive his/her New Birth experience (John 3:5 KJV).

After we are saved as individuals it’s the Church as a body that will help to keep us saved. It’s the Spiritual holy people of God that will help others remain saved (James 5:16 KJV) and make it possible for the unsaved family members, friends, neighbors to be saved. The unsaved people in the World cannot do that. God expects his Spiritual “children” or Saints of God to know that and live the life expected from knowing that (Matthew 5:14-15 KJV). So whenever the Church (Fellowship Members) are facing adversities of any kind, it’s the Church Body as the Family of God responsibility to do something about that. If willful sin is being allowed to spread inside the Church Body and Saints are not believing and doing what Paul said (i.e. “I die daily” from 1 Corinthians 15:31) then that makes it harder for the Church Family to receive from God what they need – healing, miracles, Spiritual Gifts and victory over satan, and so.

We still need to be holy (1 Peter 1:16 KJV) to walk with God (Genesis 5:24 KJV) so God’s Family can resist and defeat the devil each day of their lives.

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