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Welcome to our Thank you Jesus Site - -  A Philly Pentecostal Apostolic Christian Evangelism Site.

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Our Thank you Jesus Site - Christian Evangelism online - helping others to believe in Jesus.

This Apostolic Christian Evangelism Site is also about caring, sharing, helping and encouraging everyone to believe in Jesus by Faith. That we believe will have some impact on the daily lives of believers and others in serving God: Jesus. Read Luke 12:4-5 and 14:1-35 KJV in the Bible. You will be glad you have discovered more about the Bible as the true Word of God to inform you about all matters concern truth and life.

This is a unique Pentecostal Apostolic Christian Evangelism Site from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is mainly about caring and sharing the Bible Christian Gospel from Acts 2:38 with others worldwide to  help them believe in God: Jesus from the Bible and our online Evangelism. Thank you for the helpful donation support for our Christian Apostolic Site. We appreciate all the help and encouragement.